Legendarne okręty i jachty

Dar Pomorza

Data wodowania - 12.10.1909
Port - Gdynia
Firma - Central Maritime Museum
Wyporność - 17 knots (the highest achieved speed in a sailing ship)
Ilość załogi - 190 (including 150 cadets)
Rodzaj - frigate

The history of "Dar Pomorza" started in 1909 in a shipyard in Hamburg which put to sea "Prinzess Eitel Friedrich" frigate - a learning ship which was ordered by the German Merchant Navy. After the First World War it was taken over by the French who named it "Colbert". In 1929 the Pomeranian National Fleet Committee bought the sailing ship which was supposed to replace the veteran bark "Lwów". Captain Maciejewicz was delegated to deliver the ship to Gdynia. Its name is connected with a fund raise which was organized among the citizens of Pomerania. Ship commissioning was performed by minster Kwiatkowski.
In July of 1930, "Dar Pomorza" set out on its first educational cruise. It was the first Polish ship which went around the world and this happened in the years 1934 - 1935. One of its greatest achievements was the victory in 1972 Operation Sail. Commanded by master mariner Kazimierz Jurkiewicz, "Dar" was the fastest on the Solent - Skaw route. Four years later, the ship participated in regatta commemorating 200 years of the USA Declaration of Independence. "Dar Pomorza" went on its last educational cruise to Finland in 1981. All together, the ship travelled 500,000 nautical miles - a distance which equals to 25 cruises around the world. The ship has been a museum since 1983.
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